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Blood circulation, joint pain and elimination of toxins

First, balneotherapy stimulates blood circulation and helps eliminate dead cells and toxins. It will also relieve joint pain and improve the traumatic recovery process at bone, muscle and ligament levels.


The relaxing effect of balneotherapy

In addition, its relaxing action considerably improves depressive states or the consequences of stress. This practice has many virtues, so it is not surprising that some doctors prescribe balneotherapy cures for their patients as part of their treatment.

Aesthetic, draining and remodeling virtues

In addition to these therapeutic benefits and its relaxing properties, balneotherapy can also be used for aesthetic purposes: its draining action helps to remodel the silhouette and promotes the elimination of cellulite while toning the body.

Balneotherapy: a complete care accessible at home

In our society subject to ever more intense daily stress and where our urban and sedentary lifestyle leads to the development of new pathologies (respiratory, muscular, etc.), balneotherapy is an ideal way to restore physiological and psychological balance.

To improve the effects of balneotherapy, it is even possible to strengthen the action of hot water and massage of the jacuzi with additional treatments: chromotherapy, aromatherapy, music therapy, etc. This type of treatment is available at home if you know how to choose. quality equipment, suitable and that we show a little imagination.


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